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Commercial Window Security & Safety Films
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If you own a commercial building such as retail store, a restaurant, or an office for that matter then safety and security are always top-of-mind.  Security window films can help strengthen your glass and prevent break-ins or vandals from gaining access to your building through a shattered window.  With a security window film it’s almost like having invisible steel bars on your windows except they provide excellent protection without making your building look like a fortress.  Security films are a discrete way of layering protection on your building.

MD Window Films is a security window film contractor based out of Santa Monica, California and serving the Greater Los Angeles area.  We are a licensed contractor and we are also insured and bonded to install glass films on commercial buildings.  We specialize in installing security and safety films on glass windows.

We are one of only a few Solar Gard Panorama dealers in the Santa Monica area.  We sell and install ArmorCoat® safety film because it is an excellent choice for commercial security purposes and trusted by the US Government to protect buildings like the Capitol Building, Department of Energy, and the Department of Labor.

Window Security Film Installations

  • 14 mil window security film
  • 8 mil window security films
  • Protect your glass from vandalism damage
  • Protect your glass from shattering
  • Protect people and your property

Window security films improve security and comfort in a number of ways.  The proper application of security film can delay unwelcome intruders, buying critical time for help to arrive.   The film can help minimize glass related injuries and property damage.  They provide an invisible barrier against UV rays while still allowing up to 89% of the visible light through your windows.

Why Choose MD Window Films For Your Security Window Film?

When you choose MD Window Films for your commercial security window film installation you’re partnering with a local window film expert.  We have over 10 years of experience providing window security film solutions to commercial buildings of all types.  We are licensed, insured, and bonded and we stand behind the work we do with excellent communication and a quality installation.

MD Window Films is also a Solar Gard Panorama window film dealer and we are able to offer up to a 15 year warranty for commercial window film applications.  If you’re looking toward window films to increase comfort or provide security improvements for your building we’ll be able to provide you with expert advice and the best solution to your unique problem.

If you’d like to schedule an estimate to install safety or security window film on your building please give us a call 310-699-9691 or fill out our online form and we’ll get right back to you.

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